Naksaku Ltd has met ISO 9001 quality standards and has received certification

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Acquisition at ISO9001 certification

ISO9001:Registration Book

  • 【Registration date】 October 7th 2004
  • 【Registration Number】 C2004-02798
  • 【Accredited areas】 Glass manufacturing facility, iron and steel plant facility, printed circuit board production and design, planning for various industrial machine cleaning equipment, design, manufacture, supplementary service

Quality Principles

Based on the principles that the ‘customer is king’ / customer. Based on the requirements of ISO9001, we seek to enhance quality assurance system by effectively running our quality managements system and providing reliable products through continuous improvements.

Quality Objectives

  1. The fundamental belief is for our customers to derive complete satisfaction by creating courteous, warm and affectionate products.
  2. To set up a suitable management system that ensures prompt delivery and guarantees the required quality.
  3. Clearly identify the responsibilities and coordination of various departments in the hope of creating consistency from the receipt to the delivery of an order.
  4. Endeavour to continually improve quality by measuring how our workers deeply perceive value.
  5. To create an awareness of cooperation by maintaining and improving a safe, healthy and disciplined working environment.